The Launch of Testnet V2 of Modular Blockchain ‘NERO’: Towards a Chain that Blends into Daily Life

Mar 21, 2023

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A Next-Generation Experience with Enhanced Design

NERO HOLDINGS Inc, headquartered in Tokyo, has officially launched Testnet V2 of its modular blockchain, NERO. The updated version promises to integrate seamlessly into daily life, offering a next-generation experience with its evolved design.

NERO Chain Overview:

NERO aims to be a blockchain that seamlessly integrates into daily life, adopting a modular architecture to address the challenge of the “trilemma” faced by traditional blockchains, where enhancing one aspect like scalability, decentralization, or security often weakens others. In response, NERO employs a modular architecture to provide users with a more comfortable and secure Web3 experience.

Introducing the concept of “account abstraction,” NERO allows users to easily access the platform using their existing social media accounts. This eliminates the need for specialized blockchain knowledge, making account creation and private key management more accessible. Additionally, the “Choose Your Own Gas (C.Y.O.G.)” feature enables users to freely choose their preferred gas fees (transaction fees), further enhancing user-friendliness.

NERO aims to create new value not only in DeFi and blockchain gaming but also in various other sectors such as retail, entertainment, and wellness, contributing to the establishment of a sustainable and prosperous digital society.

Features Available in Testnet V2:

Testnet V2 offers several features for users to experience, including:

・Token creation: Easily create your own original tokens.

・NFT minting, purchasing, and selling: Experience the entire process from minting NFTs to listing them on the marketplace.

Updates from V1:

Reflecting the dynamic trends of Web3, NERO has undergone significant updates from V1, evolving into a design that is intuitive and easy to operate even for those unfamiliar with technology. Therefore, Testnet V2 caters to users ranging from blockchain novices to experts, allowing everyone to enjoy the world created by Web3.

Furthermore, with the launch of Testnet V2, efforts to improve the convenience and accessibility of blockchain technology are accelerated, aiming to provide services to a wide range of users. Through NERO, we seek to materialize the possibilities of the new era of blockchain and contribute to improving the quality of life in the digital society as a whole.

Comment from CEO Jake:

We look forward to receiving valuable feedback from everyone through NERO’s Testnet V2. Your opinions are essential for service improvement and providing each individual with an optimized blockchain experience. We eagerly await your active participation and support for our project.

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